Prince William and Kate Middleton took in Andy Murray’s winning match at Wimbledon. (And yes, that is tennis royalty, in the form of Billie Jean King, behind them.) (SUZANNE PLUNKETT/REUTERS )

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Prince William and Kate Middleton — known more formally as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — decided to take in some tennis Monday, watching fellow Brit Andy Murray defeat Richard Gasquet at Wimbledon.

For tennis fans, the match was significant because it brings Murray another step closer to becoming the first British man to win a singles title since 1936 (though he clearly has a ways to go). For royal watchers, however, this provided yet another opportunity to assess what Kate was wearing.

The unerringly elegant new bride opted for tennis whites, wearing a sundress that was both stylish enough for the Royal Box at Wimbledon and practical enough to wear courtside — or heck, even on the court, if she had wanted to — on a blisteringly hot day. Perhaps she should start giving fashion tips to Venus Williams, lover of the totally distracting swoopy, cut-out sleeve.

Prince William, bless him, went with the ’ol blue blazer and red tie, which looked stifling but perfect in the event that he had needed to take a break from the match to lead a Powerpoint presentation.