Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, looking internationally best-dressed last month in L.A. (POOL/REUTERS)

Vanity Fair has included all four of these celebrities — and others — on its annual International Best-Dressed List this year.

For Middleton, or rather, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, this isn’t the first time her style choices have been dubbed worthy of Vanity Fair praise; she first made the list back in 2008, in her pre-duchess days. But now that she’s a royal — and one who manages to look chic and regal, whether she’s got a cowboy hat or a maple leaf on her head — the editors at Vanity Fair are touting her inclusion a bit more loudly.

Stars who landed on the list for the first time this year: the aforementioned Mr. Firth (quite regal in his own way), Armie Hammer (so dapper, it’s best to see him in double vision), the decidedly awesome Janelle Monae and Timberlake, who, surprisingly, has never made the cut before despite having pioneered the concept of wearing a box on your private parts.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama also make their first appearance together on the 2011 list, honored as a best-dressed couple.

Returning to the list: Lady Gaga (it was the meat that won them over), the aforementioned Mulligan, French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Tilda Swinton, who was off the list for three years (due to the trash bag incident?) but is now back in VF’s good fashion graces.

The magazine has released only a tease of the full list, so it’s unclear whether Helena Bonham Carter is on it again, as she was last year. Fingers crossed.

Do you agree with these choices? Think someone stylish has been overlooked? Put on your catty fashion critic hat (preferably the one with the mapleleaf on it) and sound off in the comments section.