Duchess Catherine watches husband Prince William sample UNICEF food. And clearly, the expression on her face screams “I’m pregnant!”
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Kate Middleton declined to eat some peanut paste. This apparently means she might be expecting a child.

At least it does according to British tabloids like the Sun, which is reporting that the odds of the Duchess of Cambridge possibly being with royal child look more likely in light of this refusal. Or, to put it in the truly delightful terms of their quippy headline: “Is there something you’re nut telling us, Kate?”

The Peanut Paste Incident occurred Wednesday, when Prince William and the duchess visited a UNICEF factory in Copenhagen and were offered some relief food to sample. The duchess declined to try the peanut paste — doctors often advise pregnant women to avoid peanuts for fear that it might cause allergies in their children — and, according to Us magazine, gave William a “knowing look.” And thus a new round of pregnancy speculation was born, if you will.

The Sun reported that Kate’s spokesperson said she does not have a peanut allergy. So that explanation can be ruled out.

But a palace source also told the tabloid that she simply might not always feel comfortable eating while the cameras are on her. (Indeed, no one wants to see the duchess with peanut paste stuck to her teeth.)

Still, the British gambling company Ladbrokes reportedly suspended betting on the odds of a royal new addition arriving before next June. Apparently the Peanut Paste Incident has tipped the balance far enough toward yes, for the moment, that gambling on it is a sure thing.

There’s also another possibility here, and that’s the notion that Duchess Catherine is purposely trying to fuel pregnancy rumors in order to drum up interest in her upcoming reality show, “Pippa and Kate Take New York.”

Oh, wait. I’m confusing her with another recently wedded (and soon-to-be divorced) woman. Apologies.

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