Kate Winslet, playing peekaboo with her dress. (JESSICA RINALDI/REUTERS)

But at last night’s New York premiere of “Pierce,” they participated in an unintentional glamour-off. (Unintentional glamour-offs — aren’t they just the worst?)

In this corner we have Winslet of the platinum blond hair and form-fitting black dress with enough sheer panels to make a person wonder what , if anything, she’s wearing underneath there.

Then there’s Miss Wood, who looks like a striking, old-school starlet in burgundy.

So who wins the glamour-off? Personally, I think this one’s a tie since they both look pretty flawless. But feel free to weigh in on this earth-shattering matter by posting a comment. Choosing who looks prettier at a red carpet event: it’s like a less complicated, more vapid version of filling out a March Madness bracket.

The slinky Evan Rachel Wood arrives at the "Mildred Pierce" premiere. (JESSICA RINALDI/REUTERS)