Kate Winslet. (Alessandro Garofalo/Reuters)

“I jumped up and ran immediately towards the fire because clearly I thought I could put it out,” the actress joked on “The Graham Norton Show.”

After telling her two children to stay put, Winslet thought, “ ‘Now what do I do?’ Ran into the bedroom and put on a bra.”

“So I started to put on a bra, and then thought that’s gonna take me too long. Off came the bra, on with the T-shirt, grabbed the bag, grabbed the children and picked up granny,” Winslet said laughing.

The actress said she saved Richard’s 90-year-old mother. She simply carried her down the stairs.

“I have to say Eve Branson is an extraordinary stoic, powerful lady and she could have totally made it out on her own,” Winslet said. “I just helped that tiny little bit.”