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Fans of Stephanie Plum — the gutsy New Jersey bounty hunter-protagonist of Janet Evanovich’s series of best-selling novels — can now finally get a sense of how their heroine will look and sound on the big screen. And apparently she looks like a brunette Katherine Heigl and sounds like someone who didn’t get a callback after an audition for “The Sopranos.”

Wait, maybe I’m being unfair and having what I’ll refer to as the Heigl Response: a knee-jerk reaction that a movie is going to be awful based solely on the fact that Katherine Heigl is in it.

Watch the trailer for “One for the Money,” the movie version of the first book in Evanovich’s series, and decide for yourself. Are we, the American public, not approaching the work of Ms. Heigl — who trades flirtatious quips with Jason O’Mara of “Terra Nova” in this clip — with enough of an open mind? Or have her appearances in such maligned fare as “The Ugly Truth” and “Killers” made it hard for us to preview one of her films without immediately groaning?

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