Katy Perry (Jag Gundu/Getty Images)

“Wide Awake” opens with Perry filming the video for “California Gurls,” which was released all the way back in the summer 2010, and closes with her on stage, a nod to her soon-to-be-released 3-D film “Part of Me.”

In between, the singer finds her way through a scary maze with a younger version of herself in tow, as people with horns — and cameras — confront her.

Anyone who is familiar with the 27-year-old singer’s personal life can see how the video has pulled from reality. After experiencing the high of “Teenage Dream,” a record that produced several hits and made her a bona fide star, Perry experienced the low of splitting from husband Russell Brand.

Indeed, at the end of the video, Perry encounters a Prince Charming figure with his fingers crossed behind his back. She promptly punches him in the face.

Watch the video below.