Katy Perry. (Jason Redmond/AP)

“Part of Me,” a title borrowed from a single off the re-release of “Teenage Dream,” is very reminiscent of Justin Bieber's fluffy “Never Say Never” concert film. We’ll see pictures from Perry’s childhood and hear stories of her rise to fame, which friends claim wasn’t easy. This gives the pop star a chance to deliver some platitudes about following your heart and never giving up no matter what. (“If you have a dream, you’ve got to go on a journey to fulfill that dream.“)

There’s also footage from her last tour, meaning viewers will get to see Perry’s whipped cream/firework bra in 3-D glory. I imagine this will justify the price of admission for some.

Yes, Perry’s divorce from Russell Brand is touched on in the trailer, but it seems very unlikely that the split will be a focal point of the film. No, “Part of Me,” which comes out July 4th weekend, is clearly meant to inspire Perry’s fans and give their idol a platform to tell them, “Thank you for believing in my weirdness.”

Watch the trailer below or over at Apple’s Web site here.