Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, maybe an item. (Danny Moloshok/Getty; Joe Kohen/Getty)

In what is I’m sure some crazy coincidence, the pair were spotted attending “The Hunger Games” together Wednesday in New York City. Kardashian was photographed leaving West’s house the next morning, then the two had lunch and went shopping. Kardashian is in New York to appear on the “Today” show this morning, where she will likely play coy about the whole thing and drum up even more publicity for herself and West. (TMZ; Us Weekly)

In case you were wondering, Theraflu doesn’t approve of West’s song. (TMZ)

Sure, “The Avengers” hasn’t been released yet. But that hasn’t stopped Marvel from announcing that a sequel to “Captain America” will be released in April 2014. (Vulture)

Nicole Kidman is in talks to play Grace Kelly in “Grace of Monaco.” No, she was not on Celebritology’s list of casting suggestions. (THR)

Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” fame welcomed their second child, a son named Leo, Thursday. (People)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt drops out, after the jump.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will no longer be in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” due to scheduling conflicts with his own directorial debut. (MTV)

Best Week Ever would like to show you 12 pictures of Jack Gleeson, the actor who plays Joffrey on “Game of Thrones,” in order to make you think he’s not actually the world’s most terrible human being. (BWE)

Shocker: Charlize Theron thinks her son Jackson is “the coolest kid ever.” (E!)

Watch Emma Stone sneak up behind people backstage at the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” then do a little dance, be super cute.