Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. (Evan Agostini/AP)

In the aftermath of that news, her Kardashian relations offered their support on Twitter.

“Our sister is going through a difficult time but we’re a close family and are sticking together like always,” older sister Kourtney tweeted. “We appreciate everyone’s kindness and support. @KimKardashian, we love you.”

Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner, also appreciated the Twitter support: “Thanks for all your support Twitterfam you guys are really amazing and we love you! Xoxo Blessings!”

Her brother Rob told E! that his sister “is obviously going through a lot and we're obviously very supportive of whatever decision she makes.”

Khloe Kardashian went on the offensive, letting the haters and naysayers know that they were being jerks.

“Reading some these comments r so hurtful. Im grateful 4our fans who understand & r being respectful. Hate is disgusting. Love is everything,” Khloe tweeted.

Yes, people who aren’t related to Kim haven’t been so kind.

Roots drummer Quest Love, for example, tweeted: “. . . Wait, Kim Kardashian got married?” Samantha Ronson sent out a similar joke: “Wait, so it was actually a real wedding?”

The DJ later tweeted, “can he change his name back to ‘C’hris now?”

Even Time magazine got in a dig: “ ‘Husbands’ — This season’s most fleeting fall fashion, according to Kim Kardashian.”

But not all celebrity Twitter users have been unkind. Kelly Osbourne sent words of support: “@KimKardashian thinking of you stay strong don’t listen to the haters listen to your heart! xoxo.”

Others used the divorce announcement as a platform to talk about same-sex marriage, as Post opinion writer Jonathan Capehart did yesterday.

Openly gay “Star Trek” actor George Takei tweeted: “Kim Kardashian files for divorce after 72 days. Another example of how same-sex marriage is destroying the sanctity of the very institution.” Comedian Kathy Griffin sent a similar message: “Ugh! gay couples like Kim K & Kris H ruining the sanctity of marriage is the problem w the radical homosexual agend--- oh wait, oops:)”

Kardashian and Humphries. (AP) | GALLERY: Click the image above to view more photos of the couple.

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