New York Magazine didn’t need to write an entire story about the couture world’s konflicted relationship with (read: shunning of) endorser-of-all-things Kim Kardashian, even though that’s exactly what the magazine has done. All the publication had to do, really, was post this video from June 2011 of Kim and sister Kourtney shilling her QVC line, K-Dash, as it offers the definitive evidence that Kim is not cut out for high fashion.

All of the strikes against her are present here:

— They are selling jeggings. Have you ever seen jeggings — or anyone who has worn a pair in their entire life — in Vogue?

— The jeggings are on sale. They have been marked down twice.

— Two of the three people present on screen are wearing leggings as pants, one with peep-toe heels.

— There is an earnest demonstration of dance moves like “The sprinkler” and “The dental floss.”

— There is cheap fabric, everywhere.

— It’s on QVC, for goodness sakes.

But if you need more evidence, it’s all in New York magazine’s admittedly fascinating cover story, within the anonymous and attributed quotes from fashion insiders who diss Kim’s drive and money-grubbing ambition. “When you start mass, either as a product or personality, the doors to luxury don’t open easily,” Ed Filipowski, fashion publicist, says in the story. “I think she sees fashion as another means for making money,” adds another fashion executive. Her boyfriend Kanye West has had a rough entry into the rarified world of high fashion for many of the same reasons.

But if Kim is serious about fashion, and she wants to be take seriously, she will have to do the impossible: “Quit all [her] other jobs,” including the reality show, according to the aforementioned executive. A Kardashian without a TV show: Would she cease to exist?

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