View Photo Gallery: The reality star and fashionista split from basketball player Kris Humphries only two months after their cable-broadcast wedding. Here’s a look back at her life in the spotlight.

In some alternate universe, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are quietly divorcing out of the public eye. Better yet, they never have entered it. But back in the celebrity tabloid sphere, we have rumors — many, many rumors — about why their 72-hour day marriage went south.

(Us Weekly)

You see, Kardashian has been getting a lot of negative attention since announcing the split, including a petition to boycott her, the products she endorses and her family’s reality shows.

“But the real villain” is actually Humphries, Us Weekly declares. The tabloid alleges the basketball player called his bride “stupid” and another rude name inspired by her “fat” derriere.

If that unsubstantiated rumor doesn’t do it for you, perhaps you prefer the claim Life & Style is selling this month: that Humphries is suing Kardashian for $10 million. “Now it’s war!” the cover exclaims. Inside the pages, the tabloid clarifies that Humphries is “preparing to sue” his ex over reality show screen time.

(Life & Style)

But another source told Gossip Cop, a Web site whose main mission is to dispel Internet rumors, that Humphries isn’t planning to sue Kardashian.

In a notably less extreme claim, Radar reports that Kardashian ordered Christmas cards featuring a photo from her wedding day. Strangely enough, Kardashian tweeted Monday that she was shooting the card with her family.

Meanwhile in the real world, Kardashian is keeping a low profile, spending her time taking cooking lessons and supporting her siblings. Humphries is back in Minnesota, making a living by endorsing watches.