Kim Kardashian perfume, one of the many pieces of swag received at the Kardashian/Kris Humphries wedding. (Via

As noted by Kathie Lee Gifford and Ken Baker of E! during a segment this morning on the “Today” show, much of that swag was Kardashian-focused.

Those who attended the wedding or the rehearsal dinner/wedding eve celebration collected plenty of Kim-related treasures. Among them:

— A pair of bejeweled flip-flops emblazoned with the phrase “Kim loves Kris.” Those will go perfectly with that jacket that all the guests presumably already own. You know, the one that has “Kim loves Kris” bedazzled on its left sleeve.

— A bottle of Kim Kardashian’s new fragrance entitled “Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian.” Man, that sentence didn’t have enough Kim Kardashian references in it. Here’s one more: Kim Kardashian.

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— A bag of OPI nail polish (a brand the Kardashian ladies have endorsed) with punny Kardashian names like “Wel-Kim to the family.” (Good luck answering the question “What nail polish are you wearing?” without bursting into giggles.)

— A scented candle that came in a box with the “K” logo for Kim and Kris. (Hey, did you know Kardashian also starts with a “K”? I am not kidding!)

—A gift certificate to Shoe Dazzle, Kardashian’s shoe shopping Web site. Isn’t giving a gift certificate to your own Web site just another way of saying, “Thanks for coming to my wedding. Now go buy something that will make me more money”?

Presumably all of these wonderful pieces of wedding swag were, like so many other elements in this affair, given to the couple gratis.

Here’s video of Gifford and E!’s Baker, serving up more delightful details from the wedding that was exactly like a royal wedding except that no one involved was a royal and it did not take place in Great Britain.

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