Kirk Cameron celebrated his 41st birthday Wednesday. And he did so by apparently blowing out a few candles on a low-budget cake in a beige boardroom.

In a photo that was was initially shared on Twitter and has since gone viral, Cameron’s birthday festivities — which also included being observed by a woman trapped behind boxes and another who seemingly fears walking through doors — have prompted many questions.

A commenter on Vulture wants to know why there is salad dressing on the table when the only apparent food available consists of Subway sandwiches and that Entenmann’s cake. (Good question.)

I want to know whether the woman just outside the door is a ghost who happens to have a twin ghost, both of whom were murdered in the “American Horror Story” house. Because I very much suspect that to be the case.

But more than that, in a flashback to the Celebritology days of Creative Captioning, I really want you to suggest a caption for this photo by posting a comment. I’ve made my attempt below.

“We got each other, sharin’ the laughter and love.” (Via Twitter)