Kris Humphries. (Donald Bowers/Getty Images)

ABC’s Josh Elliott did his darndest to get Humphries to discuss Kardashian, but the out-of-work athlete — who was on the show for a cooking segment with his mom — wouldn’t even say her name.

After opening with some softball questions, Elliott asked what he thought about the divorce papers that “she ... Kim” filed.

“For me it’s just — certain things happens in life and you gotta move forward. So I’m excited to be where I’m at right now with the NBA season coming up,” Humphries replied.

Elliott kept pressing, asking Humphries about his separation and annulment filings:

“Well, I’m not focused on — I’m really right now I’m focused on basketball and other things will take care of themselves. So, it’s a great day for the NBA and the fans.”

Touché, Humphries. Elliott turned to mom Debra, who was asked what it was like to see her son’s marriage turn into a melodrama.

Mama Humprhies wasn’t playing this game either, simply saying that their faith would carry them through. “We’re not trying to look back,” she said.

Elliott was not going to let this go, asking Humphries whether the cameras contributed to the demise of this relationship.

“I can’t say for sure or not for sure. It’s the only time I’ve been married,” Humphries said before moving the discussion back to sports and his charity foundation. “Life is more about how you can help other people and making the most out of your platform,” he said.

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How is it to watch your marriage on a reality show, Elliott asked? I don’t — I just watch sports on TV, Humphries replied. Do you think your public image has been hurt? No, people should know I love to give back and I’m a fun guy: “I don’t really play into the all the gossip and things that take place.”

Elliott then hit him with the big one: “Do you still love her?”

“This guy,” Humphries said, remarkably, with a smile. “I’m focused on just what I can control, which is being ready to play ball and supporting my mom and her cookie bake today.”

Watch the interview — trust me, it’s worth it — below.