Kris Humphries has now stated in court documents that his marriage may have been a fraud. So now it’s kind of official. (Donald Bowers/GETTY IMAGES)

People and TMZ reported this afternoon that the NBA player and soon-to-be-former Mr. Kardashian filed papers in L.A. Superior Court to have the less-than-two-month marriage annulled. In the documents, Humphries checked a box marked “nullity of voidable marriage” and said the basis for the nullity is “fraud,” a box the American public metaphorically checked weeks ago after assessing the short-lived Kardashian-Humphries marriage.

Kardashian already filed for divorce Oct. 31, the same date of separation Humphries lists in his court papers.

TMZ reports that the reality starlet and officially designated member of a fascinating family filed for divorce only because she was told that annulment was not legally possible. It’s unclear what changed to make Humphries believe there is now legal grounds for an annulment.

It’s also unclear why Humphries is seeking the annulment as opposed to moving forward with divorce proceedings. Perhaps he wants to remove the potential stigma associated with divorce. Or maybe he’s hoping to add a new layer of drama to the Humphries/Kardashian saga so the media — or at least those of us who often find ourselves blogging about celebrity nonsense — will continue to cover it.

As for the fraud allegation, Humphries has not yet explained what that means; as this Web site on divorce law explains, however, fraud can include a “marriage that was an attempt to deceive the other person.”

For the record, Humphries is not the first celebrity to check that fraud box when seeking an annulment. Renee Zellweger did the same thing when she filed to annul her marriage to Kenny Chesney back in 2005, while Sophia Bush took similar measures when seeking an annulment from Chad Michael Murray in 2006.