Stewart: landing a coveted “Darkness” role. (Reuters)

After all the nonstop coverage of her Rupert Sanders dalliance, Kristen Stewart could use a headline that conveys positive news. And now she has one.

Vulture reports that Stewart has been cast as the lead in “Lie Down in Darkness,” a long-planned adaptation of the 1951 William Styron novel. She won the role of emotionally troubled protagonist Peyton Loftis, a part that “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence also reportedly very much wanted. So that’s a point for Twi-hards and no points for the Katniss Everdeeners, for those keeping score. Oh, and two points for Gryffindor. Just because.

Update: Per this post, sources close to the production, as well as Stewart’s agent, say this casting news is premature and that Stewart has not officially won the part.

“Lie Down in Darkness,” a story set in Virginia, will be directed by Virginia native Scott Cooper, who directed Jeff Bridges’s Academy Award-winning performance in “Crazy Heart.” Cooper also is in post-production on “Out of the Furnace,” a thriller starring Christian Bale and Woody Harrelson that is due out next year.