Kristin Cavallari was voted off of “Dancing With the Stars, ” leaving some in shock over Chaz Bono’s staying power. Read more about the elimination over at the TV Column.

Adele: Silenced for the moment. (Joel Ryan/AP)

Hugh Hefner is pretty bummed that NBC’s “Playboy Club” got the ax: “I'm sorry [the show] didn't find it's audience. It should have been on cable, aimed at a more adult audience,” Hef tweeted.

But then again...: “At the same time, there is renewed studio interest in a major motion picture on my life & the start of the Sexual Revolution.” All’s well. (@HughHefner)

Eddie Cibrian, star of the aforementioned “Club,” was reportedly taken to the hospital Tuesday after suffering a gash to his right heel. (People)

James Franco’s father Doug has passed away, his mother Betsy confirmed on Twitter. The cause of death is unknown. (@FrancosMom)

Hulu has jumped into the “ Arrested Development ” 2.0 bidding war. (Vulture)

Attention Gleeks: Read Jen Chaney’s “Glee”-cap here.

Find out which broken hearted reality star is channeling her sadness into music, after the jump.

Kat Von D is recording an album. (Radar)

Director Werner Herzog will play the villain in the Tom Cruise film ”One Shot.” (Vulture)

Justin Bieber will release a Christimas album. The holidays will never be the same again. (USA Today)

“I’m not that good looking. I think I’m a pretty weird-looking guy,” said obviously crazy person Ryan Gosling in a recent interview.(Chicago Sun-Times)