Lady Gaga at a local hotel in New Delhi. (Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images)

While she’s there, PETA India has a request: Would she mind wearing a dress made out of lettuce?

The animal activist group sent a letter to Mama Monster’s publicist in the hopes that the singer would promote vegetarianism by dressing in a garment made from the salad component, according to Reuters.

“If she agrees, we’ll make her a dress entirely of lettuce and held together by pins and threads. It will be a full length gown, and we’ll make sure it looks sexy,” a member of PETA India said in the letter.

The group is also offering a person to spray water on the gown “so that it doesn’t wilt.”

PETA was notably not pleased with Gaga’s meat dress, wondering if she would next wear “the family cat made into a hat.”

Gaga has yet to publicly respond to the lettuce dress offer. When asked what she would be wearing at her show Sunday, she told reporters, “I don’t want to spoil the surprise.” Could that be a hint that she will be wearing a perishable item? We’ll have to wait and see.