All good little monsters know that the always eccentric Lady Gaga was simply “Born” that “Way.” But on Monday night’s “Late Night,” host David Letterman decided to question the singer about some of the rumors regarding her over-the-top persona.

Letterman allowed Gaga to answer questions about the infamous egg vessel — “Maybe we could get in [the egg] together. You could be the yolk.” — and a rumor that she bought $11,000 of lingerie from one store — “That’s very inappropriate of you to ask me.”

But when the host asked Gaga about her Video Music Awards meat dress being turned into beef jerky, a seance she held on tour and a Barbie doll head she ate on stage, he simply refused to believe that any of these rumors were true, despite Gaga saying they were.

Mama monster got pretty tired of Letterman not listening to her, so she took the host’s notes and tore them up. “I’m just so fed up with all of it,” Gaga said before putting the paper in her mouth and attempting to eat it.

Letterman tried to coax the singer to remove his notes from her mouth, exclaiming, “You won’t be out of the egg for months!” Gaga came to her senses and spit it out.

While some music critics — including the Post’s Chris Richards — find “Born This Way” a tad dull, it seems Gaga will find a way to keep the public interested.

Watch the full episode here.