Harper’s Bazaar cover. (Inez & Vinoodh)

Lady Gaga goes “basically barefaced” on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. See more pictures at the link. (Harper’s Bazaar)

This look is actually Lady Gaga’s new nymph character. You can see the woodland creature prance around to “You and I” here.

Anderson Cooper will interview Amy Winehouse’s family on the first episode of his daytime TV show “Anderson.” (@AndersonCooper)

Beetlejuice,” the Michael Keaton-led ‘80s classic, is probably getting a sequel. It’s not a “remake” but a “reboot,” according to Deadline. Oh, brother. (Deadline)

Madonna is denying that she said Lady Gaga is “obsessed” with her at a Venice press conference. If only she could deny how much she hates hydrangeas. (Digital Spy)

Susan Lucci, writer of awesome tell-offs, has turned down an offer to continue on “All My Children” when it moves online. (E!)

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are still hanging out, still maybe dating again. (People)

Ben Flajink will be the next “Bachelor.” Anybody? (People)

Do you want to see Beyonce’s baby bump? You don’t have to admit you want to. Just click the link. (Us Weekly)

Find out which comedian didn’t like “The Help,” after the jump.

PJ Harvey won Britain’s Mercury Prize, beating out Adele. (Guardian)

Gwyneth Paltrow may or may not return to “Glee.” Glad we cleared that up! (E!)

Bill Hudson calls his famous, estranged daughter Kate a “spoiled brat” in his new tell all book. Why don’t you two speak again? (Radar)

Aww. See a picture of Marion Cotillard’s 3-month-old son Marcel at the link. (Us Weekly)

Wanda Sykes said she didn’t like “The Help” because, “They’re just way too happy for 1960s Mississippi.” Watch her interview with Leno below.