Adele: One of the performers worth watching during tonight’s VMAs. (Joel Ryan/AP)

The MTV Video Music Awards, which air tonight at 9 p.m. ET, admittedly can be a ridiculous affair that often focuses more on “controversial moments” than musical talent. But if you’re the kind of person who feels compelled to keep up on pop cultural current events — and if you read this blog, you must be — then you’ll probably be watching tonight.

So what will people be tweeting and talking about during and after the ceremony? As always, some of the things that happen at the VMAs will be completely unpredictable. (Or at least orchestrated, but seemingly unpredictable to the average viewer.) But, in addition to Selena Gomez’s hosting gig during the pre-show, here are five pre-announced VMA spectacles that will likely capture some attention.

1. Jennifer Lawrence and “The Hunger Games”: Jennifer Lawrence will reveal the first peek at footage from “The Hunger Games,” the adaptation of the Suzanne Collins novel that rivals only “The Dark Knight Rises” in terms of pre-release hype. Even if the footage is brief — and it probably will be — fans of Katniss Everdeen will undoubtedly conduct a thorough Panem analysis.

2. Lady Gaga: Will she show up in an egg? Wear an animal carcass and call it a dress? Who knows? But her attire as well as her performance, which will open the VMAs, will undoubtedly generate feedback. By the way, based on the video clip below, Gaga’s opening number has something to do with “the archetypes of our psychology.” So let’s assume she’ll do “You and I” and that, like the video for that song, the stage show will involve mermaids and Gaga making out with herself.

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3. Tribute to Amy Winehouse: The late songstress will be the subject of a salute, introduced by her recent duet partner, Tony Bennett. Presumably this will be one of the classier and more poignant moments in the telecast.

4. Britney Spears tribute: The Spears salute won’t be a lifetime achievement award, per se. Really, it’s just an excuse to show clips from her old videos and past VMA moments. But how Spears handles the attention — and, of course, how she looks, sings and dances now compared to a decade ago — will certainly be a topic of conversation.

5. The performances: As much as MTV gets busted on for no longer being about the music, the network still knows how to book some solid performers. Tonight, the ones most worth watching include: Bruno Mars; Chris Brown, a guy who never generates controversy; Beyonce; Lil Wayne; and Adele, making her first-ever VMA appearance after recently resuming the North American tour that was halted due to laryngitis.

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