Lady Gaga in Manila. (AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

The Associated Press reported last week that a permit for the June 3 show had been denied by Indonesia’s national police over concerns voiced by religious authorities and conservative politicians that her “sexy clothes and dance moves would corrupt the youth.” The Indonesian hard-line group Islamic Defenders Front said Gaga would bring “the faith of Satan to the country and thus would destroy the nation’s morals,” according to the Jakarta Post.

But MTV reports that Gaga’s tour organizers are attempting to negotiate a solution so the show can go on. According to the Jakarta Post, the national police have said that if organizers can obtain recommendations from a number of government institutions the permit will be given.

Mama Monster herself weighed in on the situation on Twitter.

“The Jakarta situation is 2-fold: Indonesian authorities demand I censor the show & religious extremist separately, are threatening violence,” Gaga tweeted Tuesday. “If the show does go on as scheduled, I will perform the BTWBall alone.”

Some Little Monsters have expressed concerns, asking Gaga to be careful and even to cancel the show for her own safety. However, Gaga’s Indonesian fan base seems determined to make the concert happen. The group has been using its Twitter account, which boasts well over 24,000 followers, to share information about the show and allay any fears.

Gaga also ran into resistance in the Philippines, where young Christians protested against the singer for “promoting immorality,” the Associated Press reported. But as the AP notes, Gaga’s show in Manila Monday was deemed not to have violated any laws, so she will be allowed to perform again Tuesday.

The singer joked on Twitter, “Don’t worry, if I get thrown in jail in Manila, Beyonce will just bail me out.”

See photos from demonstrations for and against Gaga in the Philippines below

Members of a religious group stand in front of a picture of pop star Lady Gaga at a protest against her concert near the venue in suburban Pasay, south of Manila, Philippines, on Monday. (Aaron Favila/AP)

A member of Biblemode Youth Philippines lights a candle during a vigil protesting Gaga’s concert near the concert venue in Manila on Monday. The show went ahead despite rallies by Christian groups calling for the controversial singer to be banned. (Noel Celis/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Fans of Lady Gaga are pictured wearing outlandish costumes and holding placards before her Monday concert in Manila. (Jay Directo/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Gaga fans arrive at her Monday concert in Manila. (Jay Directo/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)