US singer Lady Gaga sips tea during a press conference in New Delhi, India. (Mustafa Quraishi/AP)

The petite singer donned a relatively demure white dress for her splashy concert at the Delhi’s Formula One Grand Prix race, then added a microphone that looked “suspiciously phallic,” according to media reports in Indian newspapers. Some of the papers chose to blur out the microphone in photographs of her performance. (The offending photo can be seen at the bottom of the post.)

At the concert, Lady Gaga matched her piano notes to the Indian sitar and offered fusion music to her Indian fans who could afford the $900 ticket price.

The offending accessory did not keep India’s elite away from the celebrity. She won Indian Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan’s heart by gifting him her glasses: “Lady Gaga is all heart & soul. Gave me her glasses for my daughter…yippee,” the star tweeted.

She also charmed fans by giving a string of TV interviews and belting out “Born This Way” during a visit to an orphanage for HIV-positive children. She struck a culturally sensitive note when she said she would not dare to wear the meat dress in India because she knows that it is the “land of the holy cows.” She also picked up some Indian words. In Hindi language, “ga” means “to sing.”

“So in Hindi, I guess my name is “Lady to sing-to sing”,” she said.

Lady Gaga stands next to a shop at the Dilli Haat handicrafts market in New Delhi, India. (Mustafa Quraishi/AP)

Pop diva Lady Gaga performs onstage at an unique show at this weekend's inaugural Formula One Indian Grand Prix in Greater Noida. (Quitient/AFP/Getty Images)