“Born This Way” not greeted warmly by some in Lebanon. (AP)

A few entertainment headlines on my radar this morning...

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” album has reportedly been banned in Lebanon, where copies of the CD were impounded by police. The song “Judas” was banned from Lebanese radio in April. (Guardian)

In other Gaga news, the singer received the 2011 Fashion Icon Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America on Monday night. (Popeater)

Kate Middleton’s royal wedding ensemble will go on display at Buckingham Palace. Members of the public can view the gown, tiara and other elements of the ensemble from July 23 to Oct. 3. (People)

Rest easy: Despite rumors of a break-up, Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez appear to still be a couple. Yes, they will live to feed each other popcorn another day. (iVillage)

Tracking for “Super 8” suggests it may not make as much money this weekend as buzz may once have implied; data shows that only 64 percent of those surveyed are aware of the movie’s existence. Did none of these people watch the commercials during the Super Bowl? (Vulture)

An actor’s Supreme Court appeal fails and an Angelina Jolie movie may get a sequel, after the jump.

The Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal in Wesley Snipes case, which means the actor will remain in prison, where he is currently serving a three-year sentence for tax evasion. (Daily Mail)

Charlie Sheen failed to submit himself for Emmy Award consideration, so don’t expect to see him nominated for his work on “Two and a Half Men.” (Not that anyone was necessarily expecting that, but still...) (The Hollywood Reporter)

Sony is moving forward with plans for a sequel to Angelina Jolie's “Salt.” (Deadline)

Will Naomie Harris become the next Bond Girl in ”Bond 23”? Signs point to maybe. (Huffington Post)