Lady Gaga. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Barneys New York)

The 13-minute epic opens on Mama Monster in some sort of hospital, bruised up and declaring, “I’m gonna be star. You know why? (Pause for dramatic crying.) Because I have nothing to lose.”

Cut to Gaga as a ballerina, then as a French speaker in a flat getting a call from a “director” who delivers some unspecified bad news. The singer loses her mind — in an artsy way — tearing the apartment apart, covering her naked (but censored) body in cereal and dyeing her hair in the bathtub.

Lady Gaga Vevo

“You may say I lost everything,” a reborn Gaga says in the video. “But I still had my bedazzler.”

The video begins to take a more traditional form around the eight-minute mark, when the song actually starts to play. Gaga and crew perform dance numbers in a studio, a city street and on and in a car, which is on fire by the end of the song.

For anyone concerned that Gaga was losing some of her wacky edge (see her traditional Thanksgiving special), “Marry the Night” should both blow and ease their minds.

Watch the video, which is slightly NSFW because of one word and some censored skin, here.