Larry David (Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

The “Curb Your Enthusiasm” creator and star was lured into joining the site by the recently created project Charity Bribes, which crowdsources tasks for famous people to do then gives the celebrity 30 days to complete it in exchange for a charitable donation. David was the group’s first target.

Chris Baker, one of the project’s co-creators, told MediaBistro’s Agency Spy that David’s “people got in touch with [Charity Bribes] and he sent his first tweet Friday night.”

David’s assistant confirmed to Celebritology that the account @LarryDavid4 does indeed belong to the comedian.

Like Baker said, David’s first tweet went out last week: “I was told by Charity Bribes that if I Tweeted they’d give 10k to the NRDC. Pay up!”

The identical message was sent out again twice Monday from the account, but the repeat tweets have since been deleted. Clearly, David’s still getting the hang of Twitter.

I was told by Charity Bribes that if I Tweeted they’d give 10k to the NRDC...Pay up!

— Larry David (@LarryDavid4) May 14, 2012

The $10,163 raised by 103 Charity Bribes’s bribers for David will be given to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The environmental group thanked Charity Bribes and David on — where else? — Twitter for the donation: “Incredible. Thank you @Charitybribes & bribers for your contributions! ... Welcome @larrydavid4 We appreciate your support!”

Next up for Charity Bribes: Get Conan O’Brien to wear a black turtleneck and eyepatch while holding a pipe in exchange for a donation to Autism Speaks. So far $252 has been raised for the cause.