Gaga and Calderone (Left to right: AP Photo/Evan AgostiniAP Photo/Chris Pizzello) | GALLERY: Click the image above for more ideas.

Halloween weekend is upon us. If you’re anything like this writer, you need a last minute costume idea. Celebritology and some other Washington Posties are here to help.

Celebritology’s Jen Chaney has provided dozens of pop culture and celebrity inspired costume ideas for men, women, couples and groups.

For the ballerina wannabes, Natalie Portman in “Black Swan” may be a good choice. If you’re a duo, “Beavis and Butt-head” costumes can give a fun excuse to say inappropriate things to strangers.

If your group cannot contain its excitement about the return of “Arrested Development,” why not dress as the Bluths? Gentlemen, I have two words for you: Ryan Gosling.

But if dressing up like Lady Gaga isn’t your thing, Celebritology won’t turn you away. Here’s a few other options from other Post blogs.

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