A morning mix of entertainment headlines...

Katie Holmes, dressed for the heat Thursday in New York. (Andrew Burton/Reuters)

Katie Holmes wants to keep the details of her divorce from Tom Cruise private, and has not filed an emergency motion for custody of daughter Suri Cruise, according to a new L.A. Times story. A source also confirmed to the Times that “Scientology and what role it would play in the upbringing of the couple's daughter, Suri, was a key factor in the split.” (L.A. Times)

At first it appeared that Brad Pitt’s mother, Jane Pitt, was not the same Jane Pitt who wrote a letter to Missouri’s Springfield News-Leader, endorsing Mitt Romney and speaking out against gay marriage and President Obama, who son Brad supports. But then the newspaper did further verification and confirmed that Brad Pitt’s mother, Jane Pitt, actually did write the letter, which you can read here. (NY Magazine; Springfield News-Leader)

A former assistant to U2 bassist Adam Clayton has been sentenced to seven years in jail for embezzling 2.8 million euros, or roughly $3.5 million, from the rock star. Carol Hawkins, who worked for Clayton for 17 years, was convicted last week on 181 counts of theft. (BBC via Hollywood Reporter)

The official cause of Andy Griffith’s death was a heart attack, according to the death certificate. (Associated Press)

Gwyneth Paltrow wants to sell you a white T-shirt that costs $90. (Goop via E! Online)

If you’d like to semi-spoil your “ Dark Knight Rises ” experience by reading the press notes, which contains snippets of dialogue and plot details, here’s your big chance. (Via Deadline)

Would you like to see images of “Star Wars” action figures posed in the form of great works of art? Of course you would. (Wired)

Given the oppressive heat currently afflicting the Washington area and other spots around the country, today’s Friday List will focus on movies that capture summer heat. Got a suggestion for the list? E-mail me ASAP at jen.chaney@wpost.com. And before you ask, yes, “Do the Right Thing” will be on it.