Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham appeared on the “Today” show Monday to promote her new book and talk about the debt ceiling debate raging in Washington. Also to tell Matt Lauer about singers she doesn’t like who’ve appeared on the morning show.

In her book, “Of Thee I Zing,” Ingraham said she wants to provide a “cultural intervention” for a country where, for example, her child saw a man watching porn on a train. (True story.)

“Matt, this is an intervention for you,” she said pointing to Lauer’s coverage of Rihanna and Britney Spears’s kiss at the Billboard Awards.

She then questioned the choice to have Cee Lo Green and Enrique Iglesias, singers of “[Blank] You” and “Tonight I’m [Bleeping] You,” respectively, appear during the show’s Summer Concert Series. “We can do better,” she told Lauer. She did enjoy Tony Bennett.

Lauer didn’t back down, replying instead, “First of all, thank you for going to the Web site and checking out the summer concert series.”

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