Leonardo DiCaprio (TORU HANAI/REUTERS)

In just a year, the “Inception” actor made an estimated $77 million. He easily beat No. 2 on the list, Johnny Depp, who took in $50 million. While this may be surprising, sometimes-funny man Adam Sandler came in third with $40 million banked over 365 days. He has the box office smash “Grown Ups” to thank for that. Will Smith and and Tom Hanks round out the top five, with $36 and $35 million respectively.

Excuse me for feeling a little blue about this, but Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker — DiCaprio’s counterparts on the female version of Forbes’s lists — made $30 million over the same period. While that’s obviously a huge amount of money, it appears there’s still a huge earning gap between leading ladies and men in Tinseltown.