See that guy on the far right? Yeah, he’s a rapper now. (Chris Haston/NBC)

But Leslie David Baker, the actor who plays the crossword-solving curmudgeon on NBC’s “The Office,” has just taken an important, YouTube-related step toward changing that image.

For reasons that remain unclear, Baker has released a music video for a song entitled “2 Be Simple,” a track destined to be the party anthem at all your yuletide throwdowns. In the video, Baker wears a silky robe, eats fresh fruit fed to him by hot women and behaves in generally un-Stanley-like fashion while rapping about how “he’s a love sex machine.”

It all seems to have been done in the spirit of good, openly absurd fun, but (perhaps) isn’t entirely a joke. I mean, if LMFAO — who are mocked in the video — can regularly commit this sort of nonsense and be taken seriously, why not Stanley Hudson? (For the record, Baker does not use or promote Dunder Mifflin paper in the video, so it does not seem to be a promotion for that.)

Anyway, watch the semi-NSFW clip below then ponder which member of NBC’s Thursday night line-up is going to do something musical next. First Aziz Ansari of “Parks and Recreation” showed up in the “Otis” video, then Donald Glover of “Community” released his completely credible Childish Gambino CD and now this? Whitney Cummings, it’s so your move, girl.

Here’s the video:

And just for contrast’s sake, here’s a clip of Stanley yelling at Michael Scott on “The Office”: