LeVar Burton, left, host and executive producer of PBS's "Reading Rainbow," is shown in this undated publicity photo with children from the show. (PBS via AP)

“Butterfly in the sky,” the two men sang. “I can go twice as high.”

Fallon, who previously performed a version of the theme in the style of the Doors, confessed to being a huge fan of the canceled PBS show. “It changed my life,” the late night host said.

Burton is hoping to do that for a new generation of kids. The “Star Trek: The Next Generation” actor was on the show to promote the “Reading Rainbow” iPad app, which launched Wednesday. The app combines the ability to check out books, watch old and newly shot videos of Burton on field trips, and play games and puzzles.

Sarah Kessler at Mashable said the app “is ... a sincere attempt to encourage reading. Its digital enhancements of children’s books look more like the subtle, story-building interactivity of pop-up books than distracting bells and whistles.” Benjamin Jackson at the Atlantic called it “a beautiful — if imperfect — translation of the ‘Reading Rainbow’ experience.”

Watch Burton’s interview with Fallon, as well as one with Forbes, below.