Liam Neeson, now excised from “The Hangover: Part II.” (Reuters)

The actor — who was asked to make a cameo appearance in the comedy as a tattoo artist after director Todd Phillips’s original choice, Mel Gibson, was reportedly rejected by some cast and crew members — has been cut out of the film because of a last-minute editing change, People reports.

Phillips says he had to modify the scene that followed Neeson’s, which caused some continuity problems and meant that Neeson’s scene had to be reshot. Neeson wasn’t available for the reshoot, so Phillips cast filmmaker and actor Nick Cassavetes in the role instead.

Phillips says the decision was “nothing personal.”

So after all that brouhaha about whether Gibson should have been offered the role, it winded up going to the guy who directed “The Notebook.” Isn’t that always the way?

Presumably the Neeson take will eventually become a deleted scene, thereby allowing “The Hangover: Part II” to wring another round of pubicity out of the moment when the DVD and Blu-ray get released.

(Source: People magazine)