Lily Allen and Sam Cooper at their June wedding. (Andrew Winning/Reuters)

Lily Allen reportedly has a new reason to “Smile.”

The British pop star and her husband Sam Cooper welcomed a baby girl on Friday, according to the Daily Mail. The couple wed and announced the pregnancy in June.

Allen’s rep declined to comment, but her friend and one-time boyfriend, Seb Chew, seemingly confirmed the news with the tweet, “sending out love to lily, sam and mini cooper...... YES.” Allen has not tweeted the news herself, although her most recent Twitter comment, issued Friday, implied she is certainly happy about something: “Totes Amaze.”

The good, albeit not entirely confirmed, news comes about a year after the 26-year-old singer suffered her second miscarriage, which happened when she was about six months along.

No word on what the child’s name may be. But we actually think mini-Cooper is sort of cute.

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