In today’s big awards season development, Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” was confirmed as the leader of the field in this year’s Critics’ Choice Awards.

Lincoln: one-time leader of this nation, current leader of the Critics’ Choice Award field. (David James/DreamWorks via AP)

The annual movie honors, chosen by the Broadcast Film Critics Association, lavished 12 nominations on the politics-of-emancipation drama, including nods for best picture, Spielberg’s direction and the performances by Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones. ”Les Miserables” was right behind “Lincoln” with 11 nominations, including best picture, actor (Hugh Jackman) and supporting actress (Anne Hathaway). The much lauded “Zero Dark Thirty” received fewer overall nominations but still showed up in the best picture, director and actress categories. None of this was a surprise

Because the Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony attempts to represent a wide range of movie-going experiences, however, there actually were some pleasant mini-shockers in the field of competitors unveiled today.

Among them:

— Matthew McConaughey followed up his recent New York Film Critics Circle win with a nomination in the Critics’ Choice supporting actor category for his role in “Magic Mike.” As God, obviously, intended.

— “The Dark Knight Rises” received four nominations, including best action movie, actor in an action movie (Christian Bale) and supporting actress in an action movie (again, Hathaway).

— “Skyfall” snagged six nods, including recognition for Daniel Craig as actor in an action movie, Javier Bardem as overall best supporting actor and Judi Dench as both best supporting actress and best actress in an action movie. Which seems like it shouldn’t be allowed. But whatever. She’s a dame.

— Oh, and Adele was nominated for best song for the theme from “Skyfall,” which she obviously will win because that’s what Adele does.

—The Critics’ Choice Awards honors comedies separately, which allowed Rebel Wilson to be nominated for “Pitch Perfect.”

— Joss Whedon’s “Cabin in the Woods” made it into the field for best sci-fi/horror movie. And so did “Prometheus,” which will probably make the Internet mad because the Internet is really judgy about unexplained plot strands even though Michael Fassbender somewhat compensates for them.

The Critics’ Choice Awards, otherwise known as a Celebration of the Greatness of “Prometheus,” will be held Jan. 10 and broadcast live on the CW. Here’s the full list of nominees, per the L.A. Times. Please join this blog tomorrow morning when we do this sort of thing all over again after the SAG Award nominations are announced.