Once again, it’s time for this celebrity blogger to string together those four familiar words: Lindsay Lohan got arrested.

Lohan, leaving a police station and not exactly looking her best. (Louis Lanzano/AP)

Why was she arrested? Because, according to the Associated Press, she allegedly punched a woman in the face while hanging out at a Manhattan nightclub.

When did it happen? Early Thursday, around 4 a.m.

What’s she been charged with this time? Third-degree assault. She’s since been released from custody while covering her head with a jacket, per the photo above and the video below.

Could this latest incident affect her probation in that jewelry theft case? According to TMZ, this assault case, coupled with the fact that she may soon be charged with lying to police regarding her role in a car accident that occurred in June, could indeed be a problem for Lohan.

Didn’t we all think things on the Lohan front would quiet down after “Liz & Dick”? Well, we hoped. But no such luck. Personally, I much prefer reading tweets about how ridiculous Lohan looks in Liz Taylor wigs to seeing posts about yet another addition to her criminal record.

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