A morning mix of entertainment headlines...

Lindsay Lohan, in trouble with the law. (Kristina Bumphrey/AP)

Lindsay Lohan was reportedly arrested early this morning in New York after she hit a man with her car near the Dream Hotel in New York. TMZ says the collision was minor and the man was hospitalized but not visibly injured. But Lohan allegedly walked away from the scene, and someone at the hotel called the police, prompting Lohan’s arrest when she left the hotel. The arrest could be considered a probation violation in Lohan’s jewelry theft case. (TMZ; Gossip Cop)

Tori Spelling has been recuperating in the hospital after emergency surgery over the weekend. The surgery was performed due to complications caused by her recent C-section, her rep tells People. Spelling and husband Dean McDermott welcomed their fourth child, Finn, last month. (People)

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been meeting in “secret locations” according to two separate sources who spoke to E! and are both probably publicists for the couple. (E! Online)

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher engaged in several very public displays of affection in New York on Tuesday, which almost distracted Kutcher from his mobile device. Almost. (Daily Mail)

Barbra Streisand and Liza Minnelli were among those who performed Tuesday night at a memorial service/tribute to the late Marvin Hamlisch . Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sarah Jessica Parker and Candice Bergen also attended. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Oh my God, you will not be-lieve this. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Pratt (formerly Montag) faked their fights on “The Hills.” WHA-AT? (Us Magazine)

Patrick Carney, drummer for the Black Keys, got married over the weekend. The best part: Will Forte, formerly of “Saturday Night Live,” was the officiant. (New York Daily News)

The Academy announced yesterday that the Oscar voting time table has been shortened this year, with nomination voting ending Jan. 3 and nominations to be announced Jan. 10. The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg argues that this will have a big impact on the Oscar race , making it harder for small, less-hyped films to be noticed. (THR)

Adam Scott said on last night’s “Conan” that he spent much of his childhood reading VHS boxes at Blockbuster and memorizing movie release dates. Except then Conan O’Brien started to quiz him, and he got ”Goonies” wrong out of the gate. Come on, Ben Wyatt, step up! (Team Coco)

Can Parker Posey win an Emmy for appearing in a video in which she pretends to be an Emmy Award acceptance speech coach?