Lindsay Lohan: from channeling Marilyn Monroe in Playboy to playing Liz Taylor on the small screen? (Reuters)

Lindsay Lohan’s attempt to straighten out her life and reboot her career might give her the opportunity to play one of the most famous, headline-generating and beautiful actresses of all time: the late Elizabeth Taylor.

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Lohan is in talks to play the iconic star of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and “Cleopatra” in the upcoming Lifetime original movie, “Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story,” a film focused on the tumultuous relationship between Taylor and two-time husband Richard Burton.

The project has been in development for nearly a year, so it’s unclear how quickly this could happen or whether Lohan, a.k.a. recent Playboy covergirl, is competing against some other strong candidates. (You just know Taylor-obsessive Kim Kardashian wants to be on that short list.)

As EW and other outlets have already pointed out, Lohan can surely relate to the ups and downs Taylor experienced, as well as the pressure that comes with being a celebrity from a very young age. (Although clearly, at the age of 25, Taylor hadn’t gotten herself into the kind of trouble Lohan has repeatedly found herself in. Also, to my knowledge, Elizabeth Taylor never worked at a morgue.)

Is this a good opportunity for Lohan, or is it sacrilege to imagine her assuming the role of the Oscar winner and AIDS activist? Let’s process our many feelings about this matter the only way we know how: by voting in an online poll.