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Lohan’s jacket-covered walk of arrest shame. (Louis Lanzano/AP)

Related: Vanity Fair has more details about the alleged assault portion of Lohan’s past 24 hours, including information about the 28-year-old Florida woman who — again, allegedly — was on the receiving end of a ”Mean Girl” punch. (Vanity Fair)

Hugh Jackman may play Wolverine again in “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” Sure, hide all you want. Javert will still realize it’s really you underneath those mutton chops, Jean Valjean. (Vulture)

Guy Ritchie and his fiancee, Jacqui Ainsley, welcomed their second child earlier this week. It’s a girl, whose name is not yet confirmed. (People)

Kelsey Grammer disputes reports that he and his wife drove away from LAX without strapping their infant daughter into her car seat. (E! Online)

If you ever wondered what Jordan Catalano would look like if he were emaciated and had no eyebrows, these photos of Jared Leto sort-of in character for his movie role as a transsexual should satisfy that curiosity. (Zap2It)

FYI: Brad Pitt is totally a normal guy. Matt Damon said so, and I believe all things Matt Damon says. (USA Today)

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