Lindsay Lohan, arriving at the morgue in an appropriately all-black ensemble. (Jason Redmond/Reuters)

This is only significant because, as we learned yesterday and subsequently discussed in detail during Thursday’s Celebritology chat, Lohan showed up 20 minutes late for her Thursday community-service appointment at the morgue, just one day after being taken to task by a judge for not meeting the service and therapy obligations she is required to satisfy as an actress who has been on probation for what feels like a decade.

This, naturally, started a new round of, “I thought Lindsay might really get it together, but clearly that’s never going to happen” dialogue.

Well, good news, people. She got it together today at least, as People reports, and will indeed do some honest custodial work at the morgue (in an appropriately all-black ensemble, apparently) as a result. This could be a real turning point. Or it might not.

Either way, Lohan at the Morgue sounds like a pretty awesome name for a simultaneously cheeky and goth indie band.