Lindsay Lohan. (Evan Agostini/AP)

The actress, who you may have heard is attempting a comeback, seemed a tad nervous and relied too heavily on cue cards. To be fair, Lohan wasn’t always given the best material to work with.

(The majority of readers who watched “SNL” and voted in a Celebritology poll believe Lohan was “off her game.”)

Let’s run down the good, decent and bad sketches that included Lohan below.

The good

Lohan wasted no time joking about her troubles and perceived lack of trustworthiness during her monologue.

When she stepped off the stage, an alarm went off. Kenan Thompson check her pupils, while Kristen Wiig gave her a hug/pat-down. As promised, Jimmy Fallon made a walk on appearance to wish her luck (and make an Emma Stone joke.) Best of all, “Mad Men’s” Jon Hamm was in the house to serve as backup host — just in case.

Perhaps the best Lohan moment of the night was the pre-taped “Real Housewives of Disney” sketch. The actress was completely competent as Rapunzel and Kristen Wiig really nailed being drunk/bitter Cinderella.

The decent

Lohan seemed the most comfortable during a sketch about an obnoxious early morning radio station in Minnesota. Was it great? Nope. But it certainly had laugh out loud moments.

Watch the sketch, which contains NSFW language, here.

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The bad

While the “delinquent girl teen gang” sketch gave Lohan a chance to show off her gams, the gag — Fred Armisen in drag gets hit by a car over and over again — just wasn’t funny.

By far, the worst sketch of the night was the “scared straight” parody. This seemed extra unfortunate considering it was Lohan’s big “I can make fun of my legal problems!” bit. But for some reason, Lohan was reading off cue cards the whole time, which was extremely distracting.

And the jokes, which were mainly about movie plots and prison rape, fell flat. In fact, the best moment of the sketch was when Jason Sudeikis accidentally knocked something off a desk, which caused Bill Hader to have a giggle fit. That’s never a good sign.

Watch the sketch, which contains a lot of NSFW language, here.

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Bonus! Watch Jon Hamm play “Snooki’s baby daddy” during a Weekend Update segment below.