Lindsay Lohan arrives for a hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court in Los Angeles on Dec. 14, 2011. (Phil McCarten/Reuters)

Lindsay Lohan received a positive review at her progress hearing Wednesday, as Judge Stephanie Saunter declared that the actress had met her monthly probation requirements goal.

“You have actually done the work and done it, not only on time, but early,” Judge Saunter said.

Lohan is required to complete 12 days of community service at the L.A. County Morgue and attend four therapy sessions between one-month deadlines set by the court. She exceeded her therapy session requirement, attending five.

The actress was given the new probation requirements and sentenced to 30 days in jail in early November. She served just a few hours of that sentence due to overcrowding.

Judge Sautner did address Lohan’s recent vacation to Hawaii, saying it was fine that she made the trip. In the future, Lohan may leave California for any reason if she has completed her 12 days of community service early.

Sautner told Lohan, “You’re doing well and I’d like to see it continue.”

Lohan’s next court hearing is set for Jan. 17. She will be required to meet the same terms — 12 days of community service and four therapy sessions — by that time.

The actress, whose Playboy pictorial recently leaked, will be required to attend all future progress hearings. “I think she likes to come here and see me,” the judge said, adding that she thinks Lohan’s physical appearances in court help keep her on track. Lohan smiled and put her head in her hands.

View Photo Gallery: During a hearing before Judge Stephanie Sautner, the actress was ordered to report to the L.A. County jail by Nov. 9. She admitted that she had violated her probation.