Lindsay Lohan: waving at nationals like a true champ. (Fox)

“Is there anything better than someone making a comeback?”

Lindsay Lohan, playing the role of Lindsay Lohan, asked that question — wink, wink — during tonight’s second hour of “Glee.” She also reminded us that she’s a twelve-time Teen Choice Award nominee and is in full-on “image rebranding mode,” which, of course, is why she agreed to do a guest appearance on the Fox series in the first place.

So how did she do?

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Well, after all the hoopla about her appearance in tonight’s episode, it was disappointing to only have her included for such a short period of time. Specifically, the two minutes and 46 seconds required for her to do her one big scene with fellow guest stars Rex Lee and Perez Hilton. (Note: that almost-three-minute period did not include the moment pictured above, when she stood up at nationals and waved.) Honestly, I spent more minutes reading about how Lohan allegedly showed up late to the “Glee” set than I did actually watching her on “Glee.”

Still, she was given a couple of semi-amusing lines.

“I show up here and there isn’t even a red button I can push and a chair that can spin me around where I can then point at a kid onstage and say, ‘I want to work with you’?” she complained in a blatant reference to ”The Voice.” “I’m seriously firing my manager.”

And she delivered those lines adequately, although, as was the case when she recently hosted “Saturday Night Live,” she didn’t necessarily sell them. She was helped by the fact that she shared screen time with Hilton, who was totally irritating and used every opportunity possible (with an assist from the “Glee” writers) to promote his blog. Then again, a person can never see the words LILO ALERT in a hot-pink, all-caps font nearly enough, can she?

In conclusion, on the “Glee” cameo appearance spectrum, Lohan was not in anything resembling the same league as Gwyneth Paltrow and Kristen Chenoweth, but not nearly as annoying as Perez Hilton. Her image probably hasn’t been rebranded, but it also hasn’t been tarnished either. So ... mission accomplished?

Continue to process Lohan’s self-portrayal and post comments about it below, while I embark on my usual “Glee” by the musical numbers installment, which will be posted tomorrow morning here in Celebritology.