Lindsay Lohan, promoting her “SNL” appearance with Kenan Thompson. (NBC/DANA EDELSON/NBC)

Lindsay Lohan attempted to make a triumphant return to non-court-hearing-related pop cultural relevancy by hosting “Saturday Night Live” this week. Did it work? Well, not entirely.

Lohan started strong with an opening monologue that openly acknowledged her recent circumstances, complete with an alarm that sounded when she stepped offstage, a patdown from Kristen Wiig and a promise from Jon Hamm to step in as host the minute she crashed and burned.

The first taped sketch, “Real Housewives of Disney” — which featured Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and Jasmine acting like Camille Grammer and NeNe Leakes — also worked well, and was a nice dig at Lohan’s roots as Disney golden girl.

Then things went a tad south. The prison sketch that added Lohan to the usual Kenan Thompson “Scared Straight” proceedings presented an opportunity for her to fire off a self-reverential monologue — one that mentioned her role in “Herbie: Fully Loaded” and the accusations she faced regarding stolen jewelry. But Lohan, who kept glancing at her cue cards, delivered her lines with a lack of conviction. That ball got definitively dropped.

In other sketches — most notably, the a.m. DJ riff and a housesitting bit she did with a decidedly paranoid, butt-dialing Kristen Wiig — were a little better. But Lohan had notably less dialogue to deliver in those sketches and was largely carried by her co-stars.

In essence, this was hardly a disaster on par with, say, Lana Del Rey. But Lohan also didn’t fully reclaim her status as a young comic performer worthy of casting in major Hollywood projects.

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