Lindsay Lohan arrives in court for the world’s briefest probation hearing. (Reed Saxon/AP)

It lasted maybe two minutes max, during which time Judge Stephanie Sautner told Lohan that she was doing everything she was supposed to be doing and should keep it up.

The recent Playboy cover girl showed up at the L.A. County Superior Courthouse wearing a baby blue sweater and black pants, a fact that may be more noteworthy (at least to some people) than what happened during the uneventful hearing.

To refresh your Lohan memories, back in November, Sautner issued a strict set of new probation requirements for the “Mean Girls” star. She was instructed to meet all of her therapy and community service requirements and appear for multiple monthly hearings to report on her progress; if she didn’t, she’d be forced to serve the remainder of a 300-day jail sentence.

Today’s was hearing No. 2 in the series — Lohan has two more to go. If all continues to go well, come March 29, her probation will be permanently stayed, she’ll finally have fulfilled her obligation to society for a DUI case that dates all the way back to 2007 and — most importantly — we at Celebritology can stop blogging about Lindsay Lohan court appearances.

At least, that is our hope. Her next appearance is scheduled for Feb. 22.