Lisa Rinna in an ad for Depend brand diapers. (Depend)

In an ad for the Silhouette for Women product, Rinna confidently walks a pretend red carpet in a slinky dress on the arm of her husband, Harry Hamlin. “I did it because I am a champion for positive self image for women,” Rinna says in the ad. “This product shows you can still look fabulous.”

It should be noted that Rinna isn’t Depend’s new spokeswoman. The actress told the Huffington Post the company donated $225,000 on her behalf to the charity Dress for Success in exchange for her participation.

So this is a win-win, right? Well, this being the Internet, some people — including Jimmy Fallon — poked fun at the commercial. Rinna defended the ad on the “Today” show, while showing that she has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

“I think it’s something that can help women. If they see me in this product and it somehow makes them feel better about themselves and less ashamed to go out into the world, I say why not,” Rinna, who noted that she doesn’t use the product herself, told Ann Curry. “I think it’s hilarious.”

(Well, incontinence certainly isn’t funny. It’s a common problem for women, as well as men, according to the National Institutes of Health.)

I say kudos to Rinna for trying to take some of the stigma out of a product that many people have to use and for giving back at the same time.

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