In case you had any doubt about how terrific the London Olympics is going to be, here is proof that it will be a nonstop delight.

(Yui Mok/AP)

Yes, that is Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders, in character as their “Absolutely Fabulous” alter egos Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon, running earlier today in the Olympic torch relay.

Everything about that image makes me happy. But wait, it gets better.

The Telegraph has video of the comedians hamming it up in the streets of London, not letting their long and well-painted nails get in the way of their capacity to jog while holding a conical cauldron with flames shooting out of it. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what Olympic courage looks like.

Well, it looks like that, and also like Duchess Catherine showing off her table tennis abilities, which she did earlier today during an event that technically had nothing to do with the Olympics, but is still inspiring to watch as we prepare for hard-core ping-pong action during the games.


If a still photo doesn’t fully work for you, Buzzfeed broke down the former Kate Middleton’s gameplay via a series of GIFs, confirming that her form can best be described with such adjectives as “proper,” “fashionable” and “rubbish.” Fine, so she couldn’t beat Forrest Gump. Think he could have played that well wearing a smart frock like that? (Actually, the Telegraph says she has a “dab hand.” Another reason to be happy that the Olympics are based in the U.K. — the people who live there regularly say things like “dab hand.”)

Lest you fear that the royals were not involved in the torch relay, rest assured that they participated in the festivities. Duchess Catherine was there today in front of Buckingham Palace, dressed in flattering royal blue jeans and accompanied by brother-in-law Prince Harry and husband Prince William, ever dashing in khakis.

(Locog via Getty Images)

Anyway, I am now super-excited about the London Olympics and, based on the above incidents, desperately hoping for a couple of things: 1. That the Olympic torch relay involves John Cleese as his character from the Ministry of Silly Walks sketch; and 2. that Queen Elizabeth will finally reveal her greatest secret: that she is an amazing rhythmic gymnast.

Hey, that Cleese idea isn’t so out of the realm.