Louis C.K.: stepping back into the Daniel Tosh fray. (© Gus Ruelas/REUTERS)

Louis C.K. appeared on Monday’s “Daily Show” and cleared up a few matters about his role in the whole Daniel Tosh rape-joke controversy.

A tweet that the “Louie” star sent to Tosh — one in which he said that the Comedy Central show “Tosh.0” “makes him laugh” — was written while Louis C.K. was on vacation, not reading the Internet and unaware of the controversy over comments Tosh recently made at the Laugh Factory, he said. The tweet was cited in the blogosphere as evidence that the former boyfriend of Leslie Knope was defending Tosh’s joke.

“I’ve been called a rape apologist because I said hi to a guy,” the comedian told Jon Stewart.

Then he continued, and explained why feminists and comedians are natural enemies. Hoo boy.

“Stereotypically speaking, feminists can’t take a joke,” he said, eliciting groans from “The Daily Show” studio audience, which then prompted Louis C.K. to say, “See?”

“And on the other side, comedians can’t take criticism,” he added

There’s more. And it gets better. Just watch.