Louis C.K. (Eric Leibowitz/FX)

The comedian, born Louis Szekely, announced Monday Tuesday that tickets for his next tour will be sold directly from his Web site for $45. Not a penny more, not a penny less.

According to C.K., this is likely half of what people have paid during the past two years to see him live.

This experiment is governed by some rules, including a no resale policy. If a person attempts to sell their ticket for more money, C.K.’s people can — and will — cancel the sale.

“Doing things this way means I’m making less than I would have made if I did a standard tour, using the usual very excellent but expensive ticketing service,” he said on his Web site. “In some cities I’ve had to play smaller venues and do more shows. But I like doing more shows and about a year ago I reached a place where I realized I am making enough money doing comedy so the next thing that interested me is bringing your price down. Either way, I still make a whole lot more than my grandfather who taught math and raised chickens in Michigan.”

This is not the “Louie” star’s first attempt at revolutionizing the way he serves his fans. He sold his last comedy special “Live at the Beacon Theater” directly from his Web site for $5 and was rewarded with a nice profit.

See a full list of tour dates here.